Tricia Wong

A Professional Make Up Artist.

Who thinks the world of make up is her playground.

What she says:

"I truly love cosmetics, make up and beautilicious stuff. Everyone would give good reviews about my make up skills, however I do have some bad ones that will inspire me to work harder and improve myself.

Please do not think that by putting make up is to be a complete fake but actually to boost your confidence level. Plus its not a crime wanting to look good sometimes no??? ;)

To me God is the One and Only, creating people who are not perfect but have such beautiful souls.

Ready to be of service.

Services available:

1. Eyebrow Trimming

2. Bridal Makeover and Hair Styling

3. D.I.Y Bridal Hair Accessories

4. Photo Shoot Makeover

5.Formal Dinner Makeover

For more info, please email at:

Please feel free to post a comment or two on my CBox or email me personally and I'll be more than happy to reply your messages. Thank you!!!

Special credits to Woman Incorporated who helped me with the blog layout!!! Your help is deeply appreciated. Much love to you!!!"


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event @ Sedang
Sunday, August 30, 2009 2:15 AM
Esther,my Sense n Style Academy's Clerk..invited me along for this job regarding to a Company's Anniversary(forgotten what company ehehe sorry :p) They r having a great big party located near Sedang area, also provided some activity performing such like, dancing category, acting, singing n etc..^^Hair Dressing area~

all busy busy

she is kei kei.. also my course mate,coincident she's here too



She is Esther..

my same course mate, Movenda

Tricia,Esther n Movenda

our VIT( very important tools)^^

another model, she is Kadazan dance catagory

Make over 4her (After look)

The Hip Hop Dance catagory..she is so sweet
see the difference..sweet rite?

not gonna meet her anymore,so last shoot v her^^

Belay dancing category ..cutie pink galz!

i saw her running around with this little pinky shadow,awww so cute! n took a snap of her^^

SASA's Anual Dinner
12:51 AM
It was Sasa's function, 1 of my friend work under SASA as their consultant and then she told me their company having some Show..wanted to have make over,so she ask me n wynn for the help out.. check out some cool make over by me..
she is Isther.

i love it!
She wanna be the character frm The Phantom Of The Opera- Christine Daee

her face does suit the look!

Tricia n Isther

my partner's make over

Wynn and model

SASA Annual Dinner
Thursday, August 27, 2009 12:44 AM
It was SASA's Company Annual Dinner and they are making a very dazzling and great Theme for the night! The OPERA looking Theme.. well, below is my friend, Isther the consultant in SASA, Sg Wang brunch.. she is a great sales girl and consultant..when u all visit SASA or purchasing products there, do find her to consult u^^..

Isther in Christine Dae's costume
It was the dayz 4years ago..haha!

Me and Isther.. Do u love the make over?^^

I am de fReeLanCer-Make Up Artist
Wednesday, August 19, 2009 2:59 AM
She is Felicia Tee..although she's not a Professional Model,but yet to me i feel she has the talent..nice 2meet u Feli~^^

Came over to my house for make over before she starts her Shooting with Caxton(de photographer)
Great that she likes the make over i done 4her^^

Out Door Shooting

Gorgeous eyes!

Another days when she needed a Studio Shoot

She's Cool


Studio Shooting @ The Image Studio by Caxton..

Adding some effect on her face

I Love her Hair!

a Shoot with her..

so u like it?

de best shoot!

with my bestie,Mabel - a junior photographer as her hobby

This is Caxton,u may find him for a Photo Shooting for any occation,his cool for all type of SNAps!

Enjoying in d studio haha~

sEe d DiffErenCe~
Monday, August 3, 2009 3:02 AM
Helping my photographer,Paul @ The Image Studio..doing the make over for the commercial of 'Kids Garments'~ She is 1 of the model that day, cute of her!

Like never see before huh? hehe!

Baby girl dun blink ur eyes pls!

its not hurt,no worries..relax~

Blushing her apple cheek up!

Done! go n change karrie~

And another model,sorry that i've forgotten her name..

love their skin!

1st shoot..Did not took many of it

Model with Me..

Cant manage to get the copy of the photos,so i took this pic through Paul's laptop,haha!

Hair-do time,thanks to Joan,helping me for the pins^^

Thanks gal for helping..^^

she look so sweet

It's your turn lil' princess

Next styling



R u ready 4 the shoot girl?^^


Setting some decos for the perfect result

Does they look great?

Look at the camera girls!..

enjoying the lollipop given by me,hehe!

Blowing the bubbles..

It was exhausted, whole day going up and down,especially the Out-Door part,sunny n sweaty! sorry that Paul did not mail me those outdoor photos and i couldn't pose up here for you all to enjoy it..but the day was Fun!