Tricia Wong

A Professional Make Up Artist.

Who thinks the world of make up is her playground.

What she says:

"I truly love cosmetics, make up and beautilicious stuff. Everyone would give good reviews about my make up skills, however I do have some bad ones that will inspire me to work harder and improve myself.

Please do not think that by putting make up is to be a complete fake but actually to boost your confidence level. Plus its not a crime wanting to look good sometimes no??? ;)

To me God is the One and Only, creating people who are not perfect but have such beautiful souls.

Ready to be of service.

Services available:

1. Eyebrow Trimming

2. Bridal Makeover and Hair Styling

3. D.I.Y Bridal Hair Accessories

4. Photo Shoot Makeover

5.Formal Dinner Makeover

For more info, please email at:

Please feel free to post a comment or two on my CBox or email me personally and I'll be more than happy to reply your messages. Thank you!!!

Special credits to Woman Incorporated who helped me with the blog layout!!! Your help is deeply appreciated. Much love to you!!!"


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My BFF attended Wedding Dinner's Make Over
Sunday, March 11, 2012 3:03 AM
Here u comes again to me my dearest BFF, JOEY! long time no see as u r still looking so hot,
and today u brought your sister along, Joane..

Snap Shoots non stop! ^^

Joane playing around haha!

Tadahhh~ End Result! Pretty Hot Gals

*Glad to see you again after 9months not in KL, keep in touch babe! *Hugs*

Orientation Prom Night - Hair Do
12:08 AM
It makes me reminds back the days when I was still young, School/College having Prom night or Party together with friends and school mates~ :') 

Enjoy your girls night tonight.. Gosh ~I felt that I'm so old with them haha!..