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a Great Birthday + Rabbit Year Inspiration 2011
Sunday, February 6, 2011 8:29 AM

Its my Birthday celebration with all my best friends, and coincidently this year is Rabbit Year for Chinese Calender. A friend of mind created Dress Code for all of us  ''A Rabbit''  in White Pink Black color. Although non of us dress up like a rabbit beside my Make Up on my Face^^ hahaha!!!

Have a look at my Inspiration of Rabbit.

A Blue Eye Rabbit.

or Smokey Blue Eye Rabbit for a Wild look?? naaa~^^

1) So as usual get your complexion clear n natural with Foundation and Conceal all the part that is dark and with spot. Continue with Drawing your Eyebrow.

2) Eye Lid tape like the above, Cut a little thin moon shape.

The purpose is to Enlarge my lid to have a bigger eyes effect.

3) Use Light Sky Blue Eyeshadow with a little shimmering.

Apply all over your lids

4) Take the Brightest Shocking Pink Shadow

Apply around the crease (bottom of the brow bone) 

5) Take Shimmer Beige White for High-Light

As usual, High-Light the brow bone,  T-zone and under Eye.

6) Take Ocean Blue and Matte Black Shadow

7) After Mixture, color result would be Dark Blue Black. Create an 'Eyeliner' effect around the area we use to draw Liner near lash, and make sure both Pink and Blue-Black shadow is combine together.

8) Following by the bottom, 1/3 corner. Remember to Wing it out the end as Longer and Sharper as you prefer, to create an illusion of the intense Rabbit Eye.

9) I would like to use again a Gel Eyeliner/ Eye Pencil to fill in the empty hole between my Lashes, to make it appearing more intense darker and fuller eye.

10) White Eye Pencil to draw the under water line.


11) Get 1 of your favorite dramatic Falsie from the Drugstore or Night Market and cut it into half. Make sure,  keep the falsie lash's End part Long, for both Left Eye and Right Eye.

12) Apply a very Intense,Volume and super Black Mascara on your real lashes first before you apply the Falsie, and just stick your falsie to the end of your eyes.

13) Apply Shimmering White Shadows around the front corner eyes for Brighten Up your Rabbit Eyes.

14) Blusher in shimmer Pink! make sure its sharp and round around your Apple SMILE!^^

15) Color Lip Balm that follows your body temperature goes natural PINK! and u r done!

TAdAaahh~! Rabbit Girl make over u... may add on some Bunny costume or accessories ~

OverFlash!! but the effect look like Rabbit~

Happy Birthday To Me, and Happy Bunny Year to Everyone, enjoy the blissful and joyful Chinese New Year 2011~ Peace^^v