Tricia Wong

A Professional Make Up Artist.

Who thinks the world of make up is her playground.

What she says:

"I truly love cosmetics, make up and beautilicious stuff. Everyone would give good reviews about my make up skills, however I do have some bad ones that will inspire me to work harder and improve myself.

Please do not think that by putting make up is to be a complete fake but actually to boost your confidence level. Plus its not a crime wanting to look good sometimes no??? ;)

To me God is the One and Only, creating people who are not perfect but have such beautiful souls.

Ready to be of service.

Services available:

1. Eyebrow Trimming

2. Bridal Makeover and Hair Styling

3. D.I.Y Bridal Hair Accessories

4. Photo Shoot Makeover

5.Formal Dinner Makeover

For more info, please email at:

Please feel free to post a comment or two on my CBox or email me personally and I'll be more than happy to reply your messages. Thank you!!!

Special credits to Woman Incorporated who helped me with the blog layout!!! Your help is deeply appreciated. Much love to you!!!"


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My Hair-Do @ Shu Uemura's Event
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 10:35 PM
It was the last day of Shu's Promotion, unfortunately I'm not feeling very well that day..but lucky my pain doesn't influence any of my hand-work, i still stay tough continue finish my job until dismiss ^^..have a look at some of the "models" in Shu~Shu Uemura, somehow this is also 1 of my favorite brand^^

Purchase up to RM300,free Photo Shooting + Make Over + Hair-Do

The so COOL lady~

She request for this hair style, wow!


Was actually no idea what hair should do for her,and then..Tadah! i tought of this^^ cute?
Is she a model? she does look like an Artist~

When i style this cutie look 4her,she smiles..i don't know weather she likes it or she cant accept it..well :)

Do u guys agree with me,she looks like Hong Kong Artist,Yong Si Kei if nt mistaken.??^^

I love about u?

good in posing^^

As usual,my handset's camera quality not good:(

The photographer guiding her to pose~
Have a break~

My pale n weak look-.-

weird look of me -.-'

Rihanna like?!^^

So, the day was ended.. It is exhausted but yet I feel doing something that you are interested is all WORTH IT ^^

L'oreal's Make Over @ Sogo Shopping Centre
Monday, September 7, 2009 7:35 AM
Great 2work for L'oreal's event @ Sogo.. but unfortunately, they are very less customer coming in.. at least 1day i get to make up for 3customer maximum! how sad.. Sogo this place is more for Malay peoples especially now is Puasa Month, i think they also no mood to purchase any stuff n had a Free Photoshooting + Make Over due to not much energy..*Kidding*! ^^haha enjoy the pics..
Cam-whore when nobody is around :p

thats too boring..

L'oreal Paris

My babies~

Me with Su Ching

we r course mate n ex-schl mate^^

lucky she is here to accompany me for the 1st day..if not,i really bored till death-.-

yes we like cam-whore!

until we took the shooting session's scarf along..^^

Here comes a customer at last! my Make Up for her, Ching's Hair-Do for her:)

handset quality not good *sigh*..

She looks Good with this L'oreal's eyeshadow

2nd Day,cooperate with Bowie(she did the Hair-Do position) like wat? Angels n Demands?

and she said wanna draw my sexy lips out with THIS RED LIPSTICK! Lolz

Too friendly with the Photographer and so we play around Shooting^^( L'oreal Models? haha)

Before her make up by her own is very smokey black shadow,and then i change it for the lighter colour frm L'oreal's shadow,lookin healthy n young~

she's sweet right? can u imagine that she is working as a Cops? cool~

Look at her boyfriend,how cool isit! we said he look fierce^^ he work s Cops as well

So Beautiful~

This malay girl so sexy uh~

That day was Sunday,and its a good sales day for evy1 2 shop! so i work for Hair-Do as well help Bowie along.. she is Mummy~ so young looking!

a Snap with her after that^^

Bowie n i here,our last day working 2gather ^^

She is so nice,easy to talk with^^..nice 2meet u Bowie~

YOU sEe tHe diFFeRenCes~!
Thursday, September 3, 2009 7:43 AM
These are some of my clients, and Friends, who needed my help for their Dinner/Function Make Over that Night~ SuPriSe!Pei Yi, my bestie's sister having Prom Night

I'm not done her hair yet-.- haha

Sharon came over for Eye Brow Trimming (Before)

After - and i made a simple Personal Make Up 4her Outting that day

Sharon again, during her Friend's Wedding Dinner,i love her hair very much!

She look so confident..

Carmen, (Before)

Blooming like a gorgeous Flower on her College Prom(After)

Ven's Before

tAdahh~ beautilicious Queen~

at my mess up bed!>.<~
here is Sharon again with her tired looking face haha~

After~ talented in posing huh^^..