Tricia Wong

A Professional Make Up Artist.

Who thinks the world of make up is her playground.

What she says:

"I truly love cosmetics, make up and beautilicious stuff. Everyone would give good reviews about my make up skills, however I do have some bad ones that will inspire me to work harder and improve myself.

Please do not think that by putting make up is to be a complete fake but actually to boost your confidence level. Plus its not a crime wanting to look good sometimes no??? ;)

To me God is the One and Only, creating people who are not perfect but have such beautiful souls.

Ready to be of service.

Services available:

1. Eyebrow Trimming

2. Bridal Makeover and Hair Styling

3. D.I.Y Bridal Hair Accessories

4. Photo Shoot Makeover

5.Formal Dinner Makeover

For more info, please email at:

Please feel free to post a comment or two on my CBox or email me personally and I'll be more than happy to reply your messages. Thank you!!!

Special credits to Woman Incorporated who helped me with the blog layout!!! Your help is deeply appreciated. Much love to you!!!"


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Basic Skin Care for YourSelf.
Tuesday, October 19, 2010 3:57 AM

A Great Make Up Result Appearance On Skin Comes With A Good Skin Condition!

Hi there everyone, I'm sharing to you people here, no matter you are girl or a boy to have a simple care to your own skin. Many of you all don't know that actually our face complexion is very important. So don't think your face is smooth and beautiful right now and you want to skip your basic skin care routine! You will regret when you start aging later.. uh huh!

Our human skin, especially our face part's skin, is the most s
oft, fragile and sensitive layer.Do you know that, if you don't take good care of your skin surface NOW, your feature will look/appear uneven skin tone(color), big opened pores, rough skin texture, pimple appearing and all these will cause you looking dull, not beautiful, not healthy looking and Aged faster.

My job as a Professional Make Up Artist beside just know how to make up, but I also had a basic SkinCare knowledge would love to share with you all, so that to threaten our skin looking good condition even still having a heavy make up all day.

All You Have To Do:-
- Meet your most favorite brand or beauty specialist to have a skin care analysis or consultation to understand what type of skin problem are you. Weather is Oily, Dry, Normal-Combination, or Sensitive Skin, and check out which product range they recommended to you ( Hydration, Whitening+Hydration, Anti-Aging)

- A basic care product just needed 4items
*Cleansing Foam*Lotion (as we name it Toner)
*Moisturizer*Eye Cream
The Steps!

1) Cleanse your face with cleansing/ facial foam. Dry up face with clean towel.*Benefit- We shall cleanse our face daily so that skin surface wont stuck with all pollution and environment's dust and oils.

2) Lotion your face using cotton (avoid eye area because lotion may dry out fragile eye).
*Benefit- Lotion(Toner) is a preparation of your skin care product, the Base. It may helps remove axes dirt that you did not cleanse properly with your foam, meanwhile it could help soften our pores so that when you apply all your skin care product, it could help penetrate faster and even.

3) Moisturizer. Take 20cent amount as the picture shown above on hand, warm up with your both hand palm and apply upwards on face until neck. (avoid eye area too)

Benefit- Moisturizer is to keep skin subtle , moisture and hydrate. It could give your skin the food that your inner-cells lack off and helps repair your skin. Remember, A good moisturizer is the best foundation for Make Up.
For Day, don't forget to apply Sun Protection at least SPF30 to avoid the UV Ray and Free-Radical harm your skin. These could damage skin and cells causing dark-spot appearance. Like mine, I have already started frackers when I was young because of Gens, and did not take good care since at my age of 15. And for now, brown spot appeared! got to use UV protection often for the Day.

4) Eye Cream - Apply with love finger, as shown above. Gently massage eye with circulate motion for 5-10second.

Benefit- Eye area is the most thin and fragile part. Our sign-of-aging mostly will appear FIRST on our eye part. So is important for us to have an Eye Care product to focus only the Eyes area.

5) Lastly.. Lips Treatment.
Our skin if full of moisture care, so What about our lips? Do you want a Total Beauty and Soft Smooth kissable lips as well?
So, Get a Lips Care product, a Balm or maybe Moisturize Gloss

Benefit - smooth and soften lips, anti-wrinkle and anti-crack.

I Hope all of you who does not use skin care yet better to start it now~ Enjoy it! you will see the difference when time goes by. ^^

The Moment At Dior - Sales Conference, Dinner2010.
3:40 AM
A picture of the memories were I was in Christian Dior, having a Mid Year Sales Conference, Appreciation Night Dinner. It held at Rootz Lot10 Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Can said that this is my first time attend company's Dinner, something special and feel proud too hehe.

Our boss were having speech and sharing.

our table~ nice and romantic!

a Theme of Red, Beige or Pink Night. Of Jusco Midvalley Branch

Welcome Door Gift. the Pallet

felt so proud and happy to have it^^

My boss, Lee Wee Pin.

The Group picture of Pavilion KL, Midvalley's MetroJaya, Jusco, Isetan Garden and Robinson. More than that actually, but they devided to few weeks each branches.

It was a great and relaxing night, delicious food and also sweet memories!

About Me and Sharing My Talks To All..
Monday, October 18, 2010 5:48 AM
Hey everybody~ Its been more than half year I did not update my blog here and do sharing with you all. To all friends that is waiting for my update, and those who are interested at my RedLipStiq blog here, Thanks for support and viewing all about my Make Ups and my up coming Jobs. I guess all of you all also neglected RedLipStiq bloggie here already, because of no news and sharing upgraded right..Sorry to keep u all waited for so damn long>.< don't mean it.I apologize here ya. Been busy with my Permanent Job recently that I've joined in 6months ago until I have really no time to spend on my RedLipStiq blog.

Talking about my permanent job, Yeahh~ I've joined Christian Dior Counter Brand @ Midvalley Megamall since early April 2010 as their Color-Stylist( Junior Make Up Artist). Before continue sharing, I wanted to give thanks to my S.E that she spotted me during my Freelancing Job for C.Dior during their Promotion last DEC 2009. She approached me weather interested in joining their team or not and for a better opportunity and future for being an International Make Up Artist. So, I took quite long time to make this decision, and so eventually I accepted this opportunity and have a try. I don't really interested working in Counter all the while since I graduated SPM, that's why I do Freelance for almost 3years.(well I do enjoy freelancing some how hehe).

I'm so new in Dior, that's why they hired me to be Color-Stylist first before 'level me up' to Senior Make Up Artist(but I don't know it will took me how long to increase till this level) As I can see, it really need to take some time. I'm consider under training and experiencing now, plenty more for me to climb up. But usually we met with customers and deal with their products more, so this is 1 part of the things I don't really enjoy it. Sales, Sales ,Sales and Sales. Selling and Selling, Hitting and Hitting our Target, but of cause we are still the professional, will still recommending the Goods and Corrects to customers personal needs.

Although its just half a year here is not much experience I gain, but I've learn alot about DIOR. Weather is the History, the Way, the Products and the Couture. I truely love Dior so much (especially the COSMETICS) not because I work for them and trying to compliment their product so falsely to all of you, but YES.. is all about QUALITY! As a make up artist even you are not Dior's make up artist, I'm sure they will understand it why I'm saying so good! :) Beside that, it is a very Elegant, Classic Femininity and Fashionable brand.

Unfortunately, I decided to resign and back to my FREELANCING JOB. Doing event again like previously, Freelance MUA and some Freedomly jobs soon after end Oct 2010.
I know many people would say I'm silly and dumb, but.. I honestly doesn't like the life working in Counter Brand so pack and lock-up my timing. Its Stressful, Hectic and Exhausted! moreover is not what I want. I don't want to just stay in the brand's counter for life earning money and just sell sell sell my products and go back home, sleep and the next day work again and again doing the same things past my life like this, yet sometimes you will get complain by customers. I know 'complaining' by customer or peoples in this world 100% sure will happened. BUT.. In Dior, customers wont complain your product is bad and how awful the result appear on their skin,NEVER!
but what they will complain is "Stingy Co. , So Little Sample, No FREE gift, No Sets, No promotion, No Discount..etc.."
To them, Promotion means Discount or Sales Time!
Is really headache of it and annoying! but when times having Promotions, OR Free Gift after purchase in certain amount or gave them Samples, indeed they don't appreciate it and feel like not enough plus not satisfied with the Gift-.-

Too many different and various kind of people in this world we really never seen before and wont know they will happen in this way. So these are my experience I gain and feeling in this past few months. Sometimes of cause I do enjoy with my colleague and seniors. But all this is part of life and learning to be patient to face with customers that are not happy with the service or the gift that they want.

I'll be working till end of Oct 2010, You all could drop by Jusco Midvalley to have a look at Dior Counter and look for me, Tricia :) haha!! I'll try to serve you better.

Some pics to share with you all, the days and some Promotion Event I did in Dior.

My Interviewing and Trial Make Up Session @Office LVMH. That was the days were my Make Up skill was out of control. Got to do 'Night Look- Smokey Eye' (commented by Trainer, blending not well, but overall is clean and tidy ^^ still need improvement)

Successfully PASS my Trial and Interview, this is our NEW BC. Training Days in Dior House.

Cant wait to hold Dior brush and Dior Cosmetic soon.

CD House. Skin Care Bar.

My 1st Month of working @Dior Midvalley Jusco, in my Counter.

Promotion and Make Up Event for Dior Jusco Midvalley

old uniform, but pro^^

New Product Launching, 2nd Training here with Sharon, Good Partner during 1st Training time till now.

Dior Make Up Artist and Models.

Launching New Ultra-Lip Gloss @KLCC Centre Court with colleagues and part timers.

College Prom coincidentally, good chance for her to have make over here..

Thank God she love the everything I done for her ^^

New Fragrance updated, Miss Dior Cherrie Garden, decoration.Awesome!

Sweet and Charming, Miss Dior Cherrie(EDT) Fragrance.

Promotion @KLCC Centre Court also. Launch NEW updated Fragrance of Miss Dior Cherrie (EDT), one of my Customer took this ahahaha! thanks for the memories.

Jusco Midvalley turn to Launch M.Dior Cherrie. With Part Timer, Joyce

Photo Shooting background for customer was really wonderful, just like in Dior Garden (3D effect) With Eddie,(Senior MUA)

fun together with colleagues+Part Timer

My new uniform again for Color-Stylist, beside me is my Senior MUA, Zaidi Zain.

*To all my friends and fans here, Thanks for all the support and viewing . Keep on Support me, and I will do my best in Dior till end Oct, follow by after Oct I'll start my Freelance Job, I do still needed you all's support, comment and recommendation to your friends and family..

~Have a Nice Day All~