Tricia Wong

A Professional Make Up Artist.

Who thinks the world of make up is her playground.

What she says:

"I truly love cosmetics, make up and beautilicious stuff. Everyone would give good reviews about my make up skills, however I do have some bad ones that will inspire me to work harder and improve myself.

Please do not think that by putting make up is to be a complete fake but actually to boost your confidence level. Plus its not a crime wanting to look good sometimes no??? ;)

To me God is the One and Only, creating people who are not perfect but have such beautiful souls.

Ready to be of service.

Services available:

1. Eyebrow Trimming

2. Bridal Makeover and Hair Styling

3. D.I.Y Bridal Hair Accessories

4. Photo Shoot Makeover

5.Formal Dinner Makeover

For more info, please email at:

Please feel free to post a comment or two on my CBox or email me personally and I'll be more than happy to reply your messages. Thank you!!!

Special credits to Woman Incorporated who helped me with the blog layout!!! Your help is deeply appreciated. Much love to you!!!"


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a Bridal Make for Koni
Thursday, February 25, 2010 4:15 AM
It was my client, Koni and I'm happy to meet her here.Feel proud of her because she is a Doctor in US... woww!^^ She came back for the Wedding ceremony with her relative and Groom's family side.. so..have a look and do enjoy my make for her everyone!

She is Koni, I felt she looks like Janice Wei, mom say she looks like Yeung Yee in certain angle in the wedding album.. haha~ but what you think?

Is in Palace Of The Golden Horse's Hotel room..

Fresh morning! nice view from the window..

Lets start the Make Up.. this is the bathroom .. really HUGE!

Hair do time... cant manage to get her full picture after done! need to wait for her to email to me...Patient k every1~!^^

London Beauty Centre's Annual Dinner
Thursday, February 18, 2010 11:49 PM
Connie, my make up artist partner as well, found me to help her over London's Annual Dinner at Genting Highland.. wow! got to wake up very early to travel up there..Give thanks to her and her bf for the ride and car pooling me and another partner Penni.. Connie and I responsible for the Make Up session and Penni for the Hair Styling.. Have a look at all the consultant's dressings and preparation below :-

is in the hotel's room..

Full of our tools and ladies..

she looks like a doll!!

so gorgeous, I do love her dress..she kept on asking me to shade her face more to make it smaller haha!

The hair done by Penni and Make Up by Me


with the elegant her^^

another close up shoot..

Never get to capture her Before-Make-Up when every1 was kinda rushing..

teach her to pose this way for me to show all of u the eyeshadow color..

I love the blue shadow on her lids..what do u all think den?

I seldom put on Blue for clients unless they requested, because not many people can accept the sharp color of it..

Her furry lashes..

Sorry that the Flash is over bright! You think her make up is Over-do? Nope.. there's even more consultant looks Over-do and dazzling! Not only London having annual dinner here, there is other company like Yun Nam Hair Care and etc, as well cooperate togather...Is kinda fun having a Company with such happening and joyful event/function, because you get to experience different Themes they making for their Dinner every year, meanwhile you had opportunity to dress up like princess, experience the feeling having heavy and fantasy make over on yourself..

Unfortunately I don't have the sample picture make over from other company's consultant...If I able to get it from somebody, will post to you all enjoy it^^..

Denise's Wedding Day..
Tuesday, February 9, 2010 11:50 PM
Sorry for the very late update for this few month I'm quite busy^^ hope you all don't mind.. Anyway.. I am here to update my bloggie of 23rd January 2010, a client of mine, Denise's Bridal make up here...

Got up early morning to her house and prepare everything for her..sad that she deny to take her Before make up looks, because she's shy for her not-enough-sleep for the whole night!

you cant able to see her^^ until her make up is almost done..

Here my messy stuff! ^^

putting on fake lashes

the photographer is really pro!!

Hair Do time..

what style is gonna appear?

sorry that too dark..but curious right?

back-comb to volume up her hair

its an elegant bun
hehe, a very thank you to my 'personal photographer' ^^..

Is almost done..

Taking off her ear ring

I'm sorry Denise, that i need to hold your face to pin your Vail nicely..

hehe I like the vail..

there... some little accessories on it..

tAdaaAhh~! no idea is she nervous..but she is ready!!^^

A Shoot with her, and i got to rush to her hubby's place~

The Groom's house.. well its my 1st time doing Bridal make up included Groom's make^^ haha~ fun!

Hair Do time.. lucky he has trim a bit of his hair..nice and easy styling!

the Prince is ready!

What a coincident i meet with my friend here, Jason the professional!

the next Wedding night..

Her hair like a wig right? but it is her real own hair...

first dress appearing..

Me and Denise..

2nd Gown..

taking off my DIY hair accessories

Changed her make up as well, just the eye-shadow had changed and put on some glittering around her eyes area



She look so good in this color.. I'm glad to know her as well, she's a very nice person^^

her friends and the couple..

CONGRATES TO U DENISE AND JO..Wish she and her hubby live happily sweet ever after and a wonderful life..