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something to share with all of you
Monday, November 23, 2009 1:02 AM
I would love to share with all of you girls and boys out there about EYELINER.. We know that Eye-Liner has Four types of texture:-

1) Pencil
4) Liquid Pen

To me,Pencil eyeliner are advice for basic learning,but for my personal use,I only use it for Toning together with the eye shadow or Blending together on Smokey Eyes for good effect. As I have Experience n Experiment all of the texture above, I recently found that Gel Eyeliner and Liquid Pen Eyeliner was really the best recommended one..

Benefit of Gel Eyeliner :-
- It looks more like Pencil effect on your eyes. Moreover, it is really a very super water proof for people who had Oily/Sweaty skin. Although it is really an inconvenient equipment, because we have to buy another extra brush for this product.(unless there are some brand provide eyeliner brush along) BUT, you will feel its all worth it!
- Make Up Artist choice.
- Lasting and easy apply.
- Also can blend it along with your eye shadow color for glamor/creative effects.

Some Image and sample of Gel Eyeliner packaging:-

The brush that I mentioned

You can see the effect is like Pencil drawing,yet Natural.^^
You can even play with the brush and draw alots of pattern around for Creative Look. Its Easy drawing compare with Pencil/ Liquid.

Benefit of Liquid Pen:-
-If you are more on Liquid eyeliner user, I would love to recommend you all to use the Pen kind.

Here are the sample of the image if you all don't know how Pen Liquid eyeliner look like :-See the effect~Dark enough,Black enough

The "wing" at the outer corner of the eyes is easy to draw because the Pen's head are sharp enough

Smooth and Soft looking, never appear doted line.

- For my suggestion, it is better to use Pen kind more den the Liquid watery base kind,because as I also have experimented, the Liquid Watery base is kinda thick and take long time to dry. While i drew on my eye-lid, it usually stick all on my Lashes, causing my lash sticking to each other + dirty and untidy, even had difficulty applying mascara on.
- Liquid Pen are mostly dry out faster, yet it application is smooth and easy draw the "wing" at the end of the liner.
- Make sure also,choosing the right Pen Liquid Eyeliner, which included Water Resistant, Super Black and Long Last Wearing:)

Currently myself also stop using Gel Eyeliner, I've change my taste to Liquid Pen, I'm quite enjoying it because it is like holding a pencil,and smooth drawing it along my eye area..You Galz can try it on^^!

Have a nice day in your make up time!